Ryo is an artist and art director. He currently lives and works in Shanghai. 

Ryo is a millennial who is deeply influenced by comics and rock music, and a large number of commercials that he has been exposed to during his years of advertising and design experience are also reflected in his works. And the artist understands art as a process of self-exploration and learning, as his favorite artist Roy Lichtenstein said: “The importance of art is in the process of doing it, in the learning experience where the artist interacts with whatever is being made ." (The importance of art lies in the creative process, which is an interactive learning experience between the artist and the work being created.)

From the early research on science fiction and the universe, the surreal science fiction works created by digital means to photo collages, hand-made abstract collages, the use of screen printing and then to the current popular themes of painting works are also his continuous exploration in his artistic career. Manifestation.

Group Exhibitions

     SPETRUM Pop Art                                             Shanghai                      2021
     Art Xiamen                                                              Xiamen                          2021
     Juewu                                                                        Beijing                            2018
     Future Art Guideline                                         Beijing                            2018

Solo Exhibitions

     Travel of Galaxy                                                   Beijing                            2019
     Sleep Walking in the Universe                    Chongqing                  2018

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